Being a social media influencer isn't what most people expect. Not only is their content accessible from anywhere around the world, but the income they generate is much larger than one may think. On top of a nice paycheck, many social media influencers get to experience frequent vacation, creating fun content, growing influencer pages, and so much more. What's not to like about being an online influencer. Being a social media influencer sounds amazing, and that's because it is. Obviously it has various flaws, the biggest being how time consuming it is, but at the end of the day, you make money while being famous... a win win!

So how do you become a social media influencer? That part is the hardest, especially when you are starting from scratch, and competing with millions of other content creators. Growing your own account on social media from scratch is easier than it looks. All of the videos online saying "use hashtags" or "follow for follow" may work for gaining a small amount of followers, but in the long run there's little to no chance you'll become the next Mr. Beast through these methods.

Social media not only combines billions of users from around the world, but it allows us to connect to each other on a personal level. And if you're able to stir the emotions of the viewer, than your chances of success are much greater. So what are you waiting for? Let's start growing your account to it's first million followers!