A1pha Refund Service

Not satisfied with your investment? Not a problem, we offer a 3 day money-back guarantee for select individuals (each case is manually reviewed).




Course Refunds

Please submit an email request ( support@thea1phaenterprises.com ) with the following information provided:


- Full Name
- Order Number (sent via email when purchased)
- Reason for refund


Please be aware that normal response times are within 48 hours.
If requesting a refund, it is required to complete all action based requirements within 3 days from the date of purchase.
After 3 days from the date of purchase, select purchases will no longer be eligible for a refund.

Mentorship Refunds

After 3 days from the date of subscription, your request for a refund is no longer valid.
Please contact our support team via support@thea1phaenterprises.com in order to request a refund. Customers ineligible for a refund may be granted a partial refund in our sole discretion. We are not liable for any refund amount due to technical problems on your computer, including but not limited to: printer malfunction, inability to install Adobe Acrobat Reader, and/or problems due to Internet connectivity. We are also not liable for any refund amount for individuals attempting to misuse our services. This includes but is not limited to: attempting to scam, attempting to misuse services, and/or attempting to learn while avoiding payment.
Our 100% Money Back Guarantee is meant for serious clients who attempted the services, and were not capable of learning the subject after trying. Refunds will not be given to individuals with the intent of scamming in order to receive free mentor-ship.