Matt Lorion
CEO & Founder
Matt grew up in an average middle class family situated in Massachusetts. During his childhood all the way up through high school, Matt was quite the introvert. He kept to himself at school, and his homelife was fairly simple. Video games were his go-to before, after, and even during his time at school. At 14 years old, Matt discovered his first taste of success through building his own YouTube channel based around gaming. Generating a tremendous amount of income, especially for a 14 year old, he saved up his money, and dove straight into multiple new business opportunities. He started his own e-commerce business online, bringing in over 6 figures in sales per month. From there, he stumbled across Forex, and was dedicated to learning every secret method there was available to him. After six months of intense training with multiple different coaching groups, being flown around the world for mentorships, and taking in as much knowledge as possible, Matt was ready to condense everything he learned onto a single platform. And that is exactly how A1pha Enterprises was created. Matt now aims to mentor & guide young aspiring entrepreneurs who are dedicated to becoming financially independent. After assigning a highly skilled team of mentors dedicated to mentoring his students, Matt continues to build & conquer other aspects of business. Now 17 years old, he dedicates his time to mentoring and guiding those who seek a path to success.